SBSU Mortgage FAQ's

Applying for a Mortgage Loan

What can I expect from the home buying process?

What do I need to know about financing?

How does my credit score factor?

What can I afford?

How do I qualify for a loan?

What do I need to Apply?


How do mortgage work?

How do mortgage interest rates work?

What is mortgage insurance?

How much does mortgage insurance cost?

Are mortgages paid monthly?

Are mortgages non-recourse?

Are mortgages public records?

Are mortgages tax deductible?

How does mortgage interest work?

Are mortgage rates negotiable?

Are mortgages bad?

Are mortgages assets or liabilities?

Are mortgages liquid?

Can mortgages be paid with a credit card?

Can mortgages be transferred to another person?

Can Mortgages be paid off early?

Can mortgages be sold or transferred?